12 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Cub Scouts

holiday good turn imageI’m sure most of you have heard about Random Acts of Kindness.  Ideas for these projects can be found all over the internet.

Every early November the past few years, I say to myself that we’ll do an act every day for the entire month of December.  Then the next thing I know, it’s the middle of December, and we haven’t done any.  I’m sure that hasn’t happened to any of you! 🙂

This year, I’m determined to make it happen.  As I was thinking about what we could do, I decided to put a Cub Scout twist on the idea and call these “Holiday Good Turns.”

Because the holidays are so hectic for my family (as I know it is for you too), the Good Turns had to meet certain criteria:

  1. They must be quick.
  2. They must only need little advance planning.
  3. They must be inexpensive or free to fit everyone’s budget.
  4. They must be done at places that are close to our home.

By sticking to ideas that are practical for my situation, it’s much more likely that we’ll be able to do them.

There are lots of printables for these types of activities, but I wanted some that would show our community that our Cub Scouts are trying to make someone’s day a little better.  So, I put together two for you.  I’m planning on printing mine on cardstock paper that you can get through my Michael’s affiliate link.  You can also print them on regular paper.

holiday good turn for you with logo1holiday good turn with logo1
 Holiday Good Turns Printable 1 Holiday Good Turns Printable 2

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you and your Cub Scout to do a holiday Good Turn daily!

1.  Candy Cane Bomb a Parking Lot

Imagine leaving the grocery store to see candy canes on every car in the parking lot!  I would use the “Good Turn for You” cards for this one.  Buy a box of mini-candy canes.  Tape a candy cane to each card, and head out to a parking lot.  Any parking lot will work–grocery store, library, post office, even your school.  Put a card on each car, and watch for people’s reactions.

2.  Trash Can Returns

Just think–you pull in your driveway to find that someone has wheeled your garbage can up to your house for you.  When your Cub Scout gets home from school on the next trash day, walk through your neighborhood and wheel the cans back up the driveway for your neighbors.  You can tape “Enjoy My Good Turn” cards to the can to let them know who took care of this chore for them.

3.  Hidden Dollar Store Dollars

Kids will be so excited when they find the money to buy a toy at the dollar store!  Punch a hole in the corner of these cards, and tape $1.10 to it.  Hang them on the pegs in the toy department at your local dollar store.  The extra dime will cover the sales tax so that kids who find them can purchase the toy of their choice.

4.  Shopping Cart Round Up

Help out the baggers at your local grocery store by wheeling all the carts back inside.  You could even give this card to the manager.

5.  Vending Machine Elves

Make someone’s day by buying them a treat!  For this Good Turn, put a couple of dollars in an envelope or plastic sandwich bag, and tape it to a vending machine along with this note.

6.  Thank a Teacher

Sometimes, we forget to thank the people who are most influential in our lives.  Have your son spend a few minutes writing a thank you note to his teacher.  Be sure he tells her what he likes most about her class.


Groovy Lab in a Box makes a great holiday gift!


7.  Loose Change Scavenger Hunt

A little can mean a lot.  Spend 10 minutes dashing through your house looking for all your loose change.  Take it with you the next time you’re out, and drop it in the Salvation Army kettle.

8.  Doorman

This seems so simple, but it can really make someone’s day.  The next time you’re out (at a restaurant, the library, etc.), take a few minutes and hold the door for people coming in or out.  It’s even better if your son is wearing his Cub Scout uniform.

9.  Bubble Gum Machine Benefactors

Want to make a kid (and his parents) happy?  Tape quarters and this note to bubble gum machines.  If you can, stay nearby and watch the little kids’ faces light up.

10.  Treat Delivery for our Hometown Heroes

Recognize your heroes!  Make cookies or cupcakes and deliver them to your local police or fire department.  Be sure the boys wear their Cub Scout uniforms.

11.  Cold Night Warm Drink

Warm someone’s heart.  Buy a coffee or hot chocolate for someone who’s outside in the cold.  This could be the Salvation Army bell ringer, a homeless person or someone waiting at the bus stop.

12.  Cubmaster and Committee Chairman Recognition

We often forget how hard they work.  Write thank you letters to your Cubmaster and Committee Chairman.  Have the boys tell them how much they appreciate their efforts for the pack!

Since every rank has a service project requirement, many of these Cub Scout holiday Good Turns can be used to fulfill them.  What other Cub Scout random acts of kindness ideas do you have?

Yours in Scouting,

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7 thoughts on “12 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Cub Scouts

  1. Tom McFadden

    Just FYI BSA discourages Cub Scouts from using do a good turn Daily as that is a Boy Scout slogan, not a Cub Scout.

    That being said I love these ideas and will provide the cards and list to my Cubs at our meeting tomorrow night.

    1. Mark

      Although the Cub Scouts don’t use the “Good Turn Daily” slogan, I can’t imagine the BSA discouraging them from using it in this way, especially since the Cub Scouts will be adopting the Boy Scout oath and law in 2015 anyway.

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  3. Cheryl

    Love these ideas! Our den did a Rake-N-Run! We raked leaves for houses down one street behind our school and left a note taped to the door telling them they were part of a Rake-N-Run. The idea was to time them about 5 minutes at each house and however much they got collected was great, then run to the next house. We impressed one homeowner so much he submitted our picture and story to the local news station. I was shocked to see our picture on the 11:00 news that night!

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