How to Play the Tape Ball Game for Cub Scouts

tape ball gameHas your pack ever played the Tape Ball game?  If not, you’re missing out because the boys love it!  You can watch a video of me making a tape ball.

We’ve used it twice as a Round-Up activity.  We started the Round-Up with an opening ceremony with both parents and kids.  Then, our local Boy Scout Troop helped us out.  They took the boys outside and led the tape ball activity for us.

You can watch my instructional video, but basically, you start by making a ball.  I used balled-up paper as the center.  Then start taping goodies on it!  I used a bag of assorted candy and some little toys (the ones in multi-packs for birthday party treat bags).  Oriental Trading has a lot of great toy assortments you can order.

When I was purchasing supplies, I found some really cool Super Mario Duct Tape, so I decided to use it in the ball.  You could see the tape through the clear packing tape.  But there’s a reason people like duct tape–it’s really strong!  When the boys got to that level, it was almost impossible for them to pull the tape off the ball and to pull the treat off the tape.  So, just stick with regular packing tape for this project!

Cub Scout Mom (where I found the idea) had the boys pulling tape off the ball until another Cub rolled doubles with a pair of dice.  We decided to give each of the boys a time limit of about 15 seconds before moving the ball to the next person.  Watch to see how fast the boys are pulling the tape off.  If they’re fairly slow or you have a small group, you can increase the time.  Just wait until the ball is back to the first person, or you’ll hear the inevitable, “No fair!  I only got 15 seconds!”

One of my friends said her son’s room mom did a version of the tape ball game but used crepe paper streamers to wrap the ball.  The kids stopped unwrapping when they uncovered a treat.

The tape ball game was such a fun activity!  I could see making it a themed activity–a Halloween ball, a Christmas ball, a Valentine’s ball, etc.

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. Don’t forget to watch the video showing you how to make the tape ball!

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