Cub Scout Advancement: Bobcat Rank Relay Race Game

Cub Scout Bobcat Relay Race

As you know, all boys (regardless of age) must earn the Bobcat badge before they continue their Cub Scout journey.  To help the boys memorize the Bobcat requirements (and to make it more fun), use this fun game.

The game is called the Bobcat Relay Race.  I actually found this in a Wolf meeting document on the site.  The race can also help the older boys review the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack.  And it’s a quick active game if you need one.

Here’s how you play:

Divide the den into two teams and have them line up at one end of the room. At the other end, station a parent for each team.

Have the first boy on each team run to the parent for their team. The parent asks the boy to demonstrate one of the following:

  1. Cub Scout Promise
  2. Law of the Pack
  3. Cub Scout Motto
  4. Cub Scout Sign
  5. Cub Scout Handshake
  6. Cub Scout Salute
  7. Meaning of Webelos

If the boy correctly answers the question, he runs back to tag the next boy. If he can’t answer the question, he runs back to his team to get help then returns and answers the question.

What ideas do you have for helping the boys learn their Bobcat requirements?

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