Cub Scout Bear Electives

Cub Scout Bear Electives 2
Recently, I wrote about the importance of keeping track of electives when a boy is a Bear or a Wolf.  Both ranks have a long list of fun activities that are considered electives.  But the Cub Scout Bear electives list is a little longer.

Many of you know that there are 24 requirements in the Bear rank, but only 12 of them must be completed.  But did you know that any of the 12 that aren’t completed can be used as electives? 

According to the Bear handbook,

Achievements that were not used to earn the Bear badge may be used as electives. However, note that unused parts of achievements that were used for the Bear badge may not be counted toward Arrow Points.

For example,  your Bear may not have used Requirement 13 as one of the 12 used to earn his Bear rank.  Any of the 7 activities listed can be counted as an elective.  If you play Monopoly Nintendo (Yes, there is one.  Use my affiliate link to check it out!) with your son, he gets credit for an elective.  He has completed part f:  “Play a board game with your family that involves the use of play money.”

Do four requirements.
a. Go grocery shopping with a parent or other adult member of your family.
b. Set up a savings account.
c. Keep a record of how you spend money for 2 weeks.
d. Pretend you are shopping for a car for your family.
e. Discuss family finances with a parent or guardian.
f. Play a board game with your family that involves the use of play money.
g. With an adult, figure out how much it costs for each person in your home to eat one meal.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your Bear Cub Scout used a requirement as part of his 12, he cannot count any unused parts as electives.  For example, your son does parts a, b, c and d to complete requirement 14.  He then rides his bike for a mile without rest which is part f.  He cannot count part f as an elective since requirement 14 was used to earn the Bear rank.

Do requirement (a) and three other requirements.
a. Know the rules for bike safety. If your town requires a bicycle license, be sure to get one.
b. Learn to ride a bike, if you haven’t by now. Show that you can follow a winding course for 60 feet doing sharp left and right turns, a U-turn, and an emergency stop.
c. Keep your bike in good shape. Identify the parts of a bike that should be checked often.
d. Change a tire on a bicycle.
e. Protect your bike from theft. Use a bicycle lock.
f. Ride a bike for 1 mile without rest. Be sure to obey all traffic rules.
g. Plan and take a family bike hike.

So, when you are reviewing your son’s rank requirements, don’t forget to mark off the rank requirements and the electives.  And remember, the Cub Scout Bear electives list does include unused rank activities.

Yours in Scouting,

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