Keeping Track of Cub Scout Arrow Points

Cub Scout Arrow PointsBears and Wolves may earn Cub Scout Arrow Points by completing the electives that are in their handbooks.  They receive a gold Arrow Point for completing 10 electives.  After that, they earn a silver Arrow Point for each subsequent 10 electives they complete.

The big question is always, “Can my Wolf or Bear work on electives before they earn their rank badge?”  The answer is, “Yes.”  However, they may not receive any Arrow Points until after they are awarded the rank badge.  In other words, your son may complete electives at the same time as they are completing rank requirements.  In a lot of instances, boys will receive some Arrow Points at the same time as they receive their Bear or Wolf badge.

This is a little confusing, but there is a reason.  BSA wants to make sure that the emphasis is on the rank requirements first.  So, if a family is planning to work on Cub Scout activities, it’s better to pick a requirement to work on rather than an elective.

Cub Scout Arrow Points - Gold & Silver

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There are times when the boys will be working on electives naturally.  For example, we visit our library regularly, and my boys got library cards when they were old enough.  All we need to do is talk about four kinds of books my Wolf likes and discuss one of the books he has read, and we’ve completed two Cub Scout Wolf electives:  6A & 6B.


Cub Scout Bear electives and Wolf electives might be completed at school.  Does your Bear have to make a leaf collection for science class?  If so, he’s completed Bear elective 12C.  My son told me they played badminton in PE, so he completed Wolf elective 20E.

And if your pack hikes, camps and has a campfire program (which it should), the boys can check off several electives.  Cub Scout Wolf electives that can be completed are:  23A, 23C, 23G and 23D.  Cub Scout Bear electives that can be completed are:  23B, 23C and 23D.

Why is it important for families to keep up with electives?  What purpose do Arrow Points serve other than having something else to sew on a uniform?  I wondered that myself until my older son earned the Arrow of Light award.

I knew that I wanted our boys to have one of those cool arrows such as the ones from Vince’s Arrows.  As I was researching them, I discovered that the Arrow of Light arrows are called different names such as honor arrows, memory arrows and career arrows.  They often have colored stripes on the shaft which represent the achievements your son has earned in his scouting career.

I don’t believe that BSA has an official stance on the stripes on a career arrow, but this diagram shows you one of the most common ways to recognize the Webelos’ career.  As you can see, the boys can add gold and silver stripes for the number of Arrow Points they earn.

So, that’s why it’s important to keep track of electives!

Make sure your son is getting credit for all of the electives they do so that they can proudly show off all their Cub Scout Arrow Points on their Arrow of Light career arrow!

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