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More Hiking GamesAlthough we want our boys to simply enjoy nature, that often doesn’t happen without some type of entertainment–especially in today’s “there’s an app for that” society.

Hiking games are a great way to entertain your boys while getting (and keeping) them outside.

Recently, I gave you a list of hikes you can take with your Cub Scouts.  The list was too long for one article, so here’s more.

    • Color Hike – Give the boys a list of colors before the hike starts.  Their goal is to write down as many different items of that color as possible.  How many red or orange or brown things can they find?
    • Stop, Look and Listen Hike – Hike for 10 minutes then stop.  For 1 minute, the boys should write down everything they see.  Hike for 10 more minutes and stop again.  This time, the boys should write down everything they hear.  During the third stop, they write down everything they smell.
    • Square Foot Hike – Bring along a 4′ piece of string and a magnifying glass for each pair of boys.  Stop along your hike and have them lay out the string to form a square foot.  Give them 10 minutes to examine their square foot with the magnifying glass.  They share what they found with the rest of the group.
    • Paint Chip Hike – Ask your nearby hardware store for a few paint chip strips.  Give each boy one and have them find items that match each color on the strip.
  • Cookout Hike – This is just like it sounds.  Hike to a location, and have a cookout.
  • Pass It Back Hike – In this hike, the leader picks up something from the ground.  She passes it back for each boy to see.  The last person puts it back on the ground.
  • Egg Carton Walk – Have each boy bring an empty egg carton.  In the bottom of each cup, write a description such as hard, smooth, rough, prickly, etc.  The boys should look for something on the ground to put in each cup.
  • Unnatural Walk – For this hike, the leader should arrive early and place 15-20 man-made items along the trail.  Pair the boys up.  Every few minutes, stop along the trail and have the boys look for the man-made things they see.  They shouldn’t disturb the items–just write them down.  After the hike, see which pair found the most item.  And don’t forget to pick them up!

Check out the first list of hiking games for more cool ways to spice up your hikes.

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