How to Cub Scout Every Day

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When someone looks at the list of Cub Scout rank requirements, electives and Belt Loop requirements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and think that your son will never be able to do them.

But it’s not as hard as you think!  Your son is probably completing a Cub Scout requirement every day at home or at school, and you don’t even realize it.

That’s why I’m a big advocate of reading through your son’s requirements from time to time.  If you’re waiting in line or for an appointment, just skim through them.  Boy Scout Trail is a great resource to use if you don’t have the book handy.

To give you some examples, here are a few things that my boys have done:

They played recreation league sports such as basketball and soccer Local Sporting Venues Sports Belt Loops & Webelos Sportsman
They listened to four different types of music Music Class at School Music Belt Loop
They identified the three primary colors and the three secondary colors that can be made by mixing them Art Class at School Art Belt Loop
They explained how clouds are made and described the different kinds of clouds Science Class at School Weather Belt Loop
They cut a pizza into halves then quarters then eights which is a home activity using math Home Math Belt Loop
They write thank you notes for gifts. They don’t really like it, but it’s a Mom rule! 🙂 Home Good Manners Belt Loop
They learned to play a new video game (or 4!) that we approved Home Video Games Belt Loop
They’ve bowled and roller skated Local facilities Bowling and Roller Skating Belt Loops
They gave examples of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks Science Class at School Geology Pin
They made a 3-D model including five different landforms, such as mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, plateaus, and plains. Social Studies Class at School Geography Pin
They drew and labeled a compass rose Social Studies Class at School Map & Compass Pin
They have to do chores every day. Oh, how I love it when someone else empties the dishwasher! Home Tiger Rank Requirement
They read for school every night Home Tiger Elective
They’ve played board games Home Tiger Elective
They’ve used a hammer Home Wolf Rank Requirement
They have helped fix a meal for our family Home Wolf Rank Requirement
They got their own library cards Public Library Wolf Elective
As a family, we have taken day trips and gone out in the evening Various Locations Bear Rank Requirement
They’ve watched TV shows with us Home Bear Rank Requirement
They learned emergency phone numbers, and they’re posted on the bulletin board Home Bear Rank Requirement
We’ve baked cookies together. And we’ve eaten those cookies together! Home Bear Rank Requirement
They took part in a council-sponsored money-earning program by selling popcorn! My youngest was a little selling machine last fall. Check out his website. Our Community Bear Elective
They’ve had good attendance, behavior and grades at school School Webelos Scholar Activity Badge
During music class, they’ve drawn a staff with a clef, sharp, flat, natural, note and rest. They’ve explained what those mean. School Webelos Showman Activity Badge
They’ve taken several family trips by car and a couple by plane Various Locations Webelos Traveler Activity Badge
They’ve washed my car 🙂 Home Webelos Handyman Activity Badge

I hope this spurs your imagination of ways you can incorporate Cub Scouts into your every day life!

Yours in Scouting,

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4 thoughts on “How to Cub Scout Every Day

  1. Kim

    I am having my Bear work on Information Pleae. Writing letters to companies that make a product he uses. Requirement is write one letter.


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