Cub Scout Discount to JM Cremp’s The Boys Adventure Store

WJ.M. Cremp's - The Boys Adventure Storehen your son opens the JM Cremp’s catalog and reads, “This may look like a catalog to your folks, but I can assure you, son, that this is the guidebook to becoming a man,” he’ll be hooked!

Billing itself as the “The Boys Adventure Store,” JM Cremp’s is an awesome place to purchase gifts for boys!  Science, woodworking, hiking, fishing, camping, military, hunting, electronics, farming, knights, secret agents, winter, Western, bird watching, – JM Cremp’s has something for just about any interest your Cub Scout may have.

In addition to the great selection of products, JM Cremp’s has a special program for Cub Scout and Boy Scout units.  If you register your unit, here are some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • JM Cremp’s is a great complementary resource for your scouting program.
  • Their unique product offering can be used for incentives and prizes  that boys and parents will both appreciate.
  • Every scout in your troop or pack will receive exclusive savings of 10% on any order!
  • Den and Troop leaders can inquire about volume discount opportunities  when purchasing supplies for your troop or camp
  • You can request as many catalogs as you need, and they will send new catalogs to you throughout the year.
  • You’ll get email and newsletter updates throughout the year with exclusive savings and opportunities for scouts.

I wanted to find out more about how the program works, so I called JM Cremp’s and spoke with Tim.  He explained that there are two parts to the Scout program.

First, the company offers Scouts a 10% discount on all purchases made.  All you have to do is fill out this form and mail, fax or email it in.  Or you can simply call them at 1-877-469-0673.  The nice folks there will set you up to receive a supply of catalogs.  The catalogs will have a sticker on them with the exclusive Scouts only discount code so that you can receive your discount.

The second part of the program involves quantity discounts and sourcing.  Let’s say you want to do the Map & Compass Belt Loop program for your Cub Scout pack meeting, and you want each of the 20 boys to have a compass they can use.  Just call up JM Cremp’s, and they will work with you to give you a volume discount for purchasing in bulk.  And if you need equipment they don’t typically carry, they’ll find it for you. What great service and support for our Scouting program!

Tim was kind enough to share the Scout discount code so that you can start taking advantage of it today!  All you have to do is sign in or register for a new account and enter Scout15 in the coupon code field to get your 10% discount!

So, head on over to JM Cremp’s, and take advantage of the Cub Scout discount to order a few gifts!

Yours in Scouting,

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