Create Cub Scout Gathering Activities Using Puzzle Maker

Boy Scout Law Word SearchGood Cub Scout gathering activities can start a meeting out on a great note.  So, I was excited when I found this online puzzle maker.  With A to Z Teacher Stuff, you can make your own custom word searches and crossword puzzles.

Since our Cub Scouts will be learning the Boy Scout Law, you can make this word search for his den.  You can pick any words you want for your own customized word search.  If your pack meeting monthly theme is “responsibility,” you can use words such as these:


You can also make a pack crossword puzzle that includes clues such as:

  1. Highest Cub Scout rank (Arrow of Light)
  2. Second grade Cub Scout (Wolf)
  3. Cub Scout leader (Akela)
  4. First rank all Cub Scouts have to earn (Bobcat)
  5. The meeting you have just with your rank (Den)
  6. Annual banquet (Blue and Gold)
  7. We’ll Be Loyal Scouts (Webelos)
  8. What a Cub Scout wears (Uniform)
  9. Goes around your neck (Neckerchief)
  10. Keeps your neckerchief on (Slide)
  11. I will do my duty to God and my ___________ (Country)
  12. Helps keep me safe online (Cyber Chip)
  13. First grade Cub Scout (Tiger)
  14. A Scout is …obedient, cheerful, ______… (Thrifty)
  15. Third grade Cub Scout (Bear)
  16. The person who runs our pack meetings (Cubmaster)

Most boys love word games and puzzles like these, so they make great Cub Scout gathering activities.  And you can customize your game to fit your activity or theme.  With just a few minutes of your time and the A to Z Teacher Stuff puzzle maker, you’ll have a fun activity for your pack or den meeting.

Yours in Scouting,

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