Tiger Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Emblem

Tiger Immediate Recognition Emblem


When we started our scouting adventure,  I struggled and struggled with getting the beads on the Tiger Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Emblem.  My husband (the engineer in our family) had some fancy way, but I could never figure out how to do it.

Then today, I found the most awesome video on Pinterest.  This I can do!


What helpful Cub Scout “hacks” have you discovered?

Yours in Scouting,

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8 thoughts on “Tiger Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Emblem

  1. Robert Simpkins

    We started using this method last year. We got tired of spending the last 10 minutes of every pack meeting trying to find the beads that fell off of the emblem.

    1. Sherry Post author

      Ha! I can just see everyone on the floor looking for beads. Then the “that’s MY white bead” “no, it’s MY white bead” would start. Glad to hear that it works well!

  2. Bryanne

    Almost broke a button putting the immediate recognition emblem on the shirt. We use a short piece of orange (any color works, but we like the Tiger color) to make a loop to hang on o the button instead of trying to work it through the hard plastic and almost breaking the emblem or the shirt button. While “sew a button” is a great elective, I don’t want to have my son sew one on his shirt!

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