Cub Scout Gathering Activity: Beans in a Can

Cub Scout gathering activity bean can gameDo you need a quick game to get the boys moving?  Have they sat just a little too long and need to stretch?  Do you need a simple Cub Scout gathering activity?

Just whip out an empty can and some dried beans so the boys can play Beans in a Can!  These are items that you’ll want to keep in your supply bin.

When I was little, one of my favorite birthday party games was “Drop the Clothespin.”  You would stand over a jar, hold a clothespin waist-high and try to drop it into the jar.  It was NOT as easy as it sounds!

Beans in a Can works exactly the same.  Have each boy, in turn, stand over the can and drop the beans into it.  If a bean lands in the can, the Cub Scout gets a point.  There are a couple of ways that the game can be played:

  • Give each boy the same number of beans.  He drops them all then counts how many are actually in the can. After he’s finished, the next boy takes a turn. Keep track of each boy’s score to determine the winner.
  • Taking turns, the boys have one minute to get as many beans in the can as possible.  See how many points the boys can earn in their one minute, and keep track to find out the winning score.
  • If you have enough cans, give each boy their own can.  So instead of boys taking turns, they’ll all work at the same time.  You can use either the timed drop or the set number of beans drop.

So, next time you open a can of soup, keep the can for Beans in a Can!

Yours in Scouting,

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