Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievement: Let’s Have a Picnic

Picnic with your Cub ScoutDo you love summer as much as I do?  The days are longer, and it’s warm outside.  This gives us the opportunity to do more outdoor activities with our kids.  I know that many Cub Scout packs don’t meet during the summer, but your boys can still get Cub Scout credit for activities they do during that time.

This is the first in a five part series called “Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievements”.  The series will cover five activities that many families do during the summer and what Cub Scout achievements can be earned while participating in the fun.  The other activities are Bicycling, Hiking, Gardening and Water Fun.

Be sure that you and your son record the achievements in his Cub Scout book.  If you haven’t purchased the handbook for his next rank, read my article 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Cub Scout Handbook in the Summer.  Or you can always download the handbook.  You’ll find the links in this article.

Picnics can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.  However, your Cub Scouts will be more than happy if you just throw together a couple of PB&Js or grab some McNuggets on the way.  A local park, hiking trail or lake are all great picnic locations.  Bring along a frisbee or a football and enjoy the time with your family.

By going on a picnic, your son will complete one of the requirements for the Outdoor Activity Award.

Outdoor Activity Award 2: Participate in an outdoor activity such as a picnic or park fun day.

Remember, a picnic doesn’t have to be a fancy affair that you plan for weeks.  So, in the next few days, why don’t you have an impromptu picnic?  Make a quick meal and head to the park!

Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievement Series
Part 1:  Let’s Have a Picnic
Part 2:  Family Bike Rides
Part 3:  Hiking up a Trail
Part 4:  Growing Our Garden
Part 5:  Water Fun

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