Prototypes of Cub Scout New Recognition Devices

new cub scout recogntion devicesWith the changes to the Cub Scout program, we’re going to see some changes to the recognition devices.  Currently, our Tigers earn beads for their Tiger Cub Totem, Bears and Wolves earn beads for their Cub Scout Progress Toward Rank totem and Webelos earn their Compass Points and Emblem.  All of these will be going away when the new program goes into effect on June 1, 2015.  But we will have new recognition devices to take their place. Continue reading

Webelos Transition into 2015-2016 New Cub Scout Program

Webelos TransitionOne of the biggest concerns that most of us had about the new Cub Scout program was how boys in the middle of their Webelos years would be impacted.  At first, we were told that boys would have to switch to the new program.  I, along with many of you, thought this was the wrong decision.

I am extremely happy to report that the Boy Scouts of America took our feedback and changed this.  It was actually announced during the Cub Scout training class that I attended at Philmont Scout Ranch.

Now, dens of boys who have earned their Webelos rank as of June 1, 2015 and who are moving up to the Arrow of Light rank have two options.

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Cub Scout Changes 2015: Why, How and What

Cub Scout Changes 2015
Most of you know that I attended a training session at Philmont Training Center titled, “Get the 411 on the New Cub Scout Adventure Program.”  I want to share with you what I learned about why the program is changing, how BSA developed the new Cub Scout program and what the new program will look like.

So, why exactly did the Boy Scouts of America change the Cub Scout program? Wasn’t the old one just fine?  Well, actually, it wasn’t. Continue reading

BSA’s Cyber Chip – Kids’ Internet Safety

cub scout cyber chip

Image Courtesy of Scout Stuff

I know that as parents of first through fifth graders, we may think that topics such as cyber bullying, online privacy and social networks are a long way off for us.

But you may be surprised to learn that over 5 million Facebook users are kids under the age of 10 even though the age limit for an account is 13.

What about YouTube videos? There are lots of great videos that the kids love—especially the Minecraft ones, but without supervision, it’s easy for the boys to be exposed to content that we don’t want them to watch.

And it’s estimated that 25% of kids have their own mobile phones in third grade with all of the issues that go along with a child and his mobile phone. Continue reading