7 Cub Scout Recruitment Ideas

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Those of us who are already involved in Cub Scouts know how much fun it can be for the boys, but if a boy has never been exposed to Scouting, we need to have some good Cub Scout recruitment ideas.  Many packs hold a recruiting event just after school starts in the fall.  It may be called a “Round Up,” a “Scout Rally Night” or a “Join Cub Scouts Event.”

Regardless of the name, this is an important event for your pack.  A Cubmaster was recently interviewed on CubCast (a BSA scouting podcast) about how he is so successful in recruiting new Cub Scouts.  What he said stuck with me.  He is “selling fun to the boys,” and he is “marketing positive experiences to the parents.” Continue reading

Bicycle Safety Printable Activities for Cub Scouts

Bicycle Safety PrintablesBikes and boys just go together, and as parents, we want our boys outside exercising as much as possible.  But it’s important that we and our Cub Scouts both know the bicycle safety rules for kids.

One of the Tiger electives in the new Cub Scout program, Rolling Tigers, is all about bicycle safety.

Tiger Elective Adventure – Rolling Tigers:
1.  With your den or adult partner, discuss two different types of bicycles and their uses.
2.  With your den or adult partner, try on safety gear you should use while riding your bike. Show how to wear a bicycle helmet properly.
3.  With your den or adult partner, learn and demonstrate safety tips to follow when riding your bicycle. Continue reading

Cub Scout Nutrition Games

Cub Scout Nutrition GamesThe new Cub Scout adventure program has several food activities.  For some of them, the boys are bringing a nutritious snack to their den meetings.  For others, they are planning and preparing a nutritious meal for their families or for a campout.

Regardless, the boys will need to identify healthy foods.  What better way to learn than with Cub Scout nutrition games! Continue reading

Cub Scout Activity: Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Alka-Seltzer Rocket Supplies

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…  This cool Cub Scout activity has all the elements for a fun den meeting or pack meeting:  boys, rockets and explosions!

This Alka-Seltzer rocket activity was such a hit at a Bear den meeting that I decided to do it with all the Cub Scout ranks during our Cub Scout Day Camp.  200 boys with 200 rocket explosions was GREAT! Continue reading

Cub Scout Community Service Projects and Involvement

Cub Scout Food DriveWhen I attended the Philmont training session for the new Cub Scout program, I heard a new term, participatory citizenship.  It encompasses civic awareness and patriotism, service and stewardship. This  topic was one of the organizing principles of the new Cub Scout program.

In the new program, a service project is included in a required adventure for every rank (and even some electives).  Here are the requirements: Continue reading

“Choose to Refuse” Drug Abuse Prevention

Choose to Refuse Booklet
About a year ago, I was in our local Scout Shop, and I saw a booklet called Choose to Refuse. While I was looking through it, one of the employees told me that they had a big supply of them and asked if I wanted to take some. I’m so glad I did!

Drugs: A Deadly Game! is the drug abuse prevention awareness program from the Boy Scouts of America and Boys’ Life magazine.  And Choose to Refuse is the official youth booklet for the program. Continue reading

Cub Scout Environmental Service Project Ideas

Wolf Requirement 7E Stories
One of the Wolf Cub Scout requirements in the old program was designed to help the boys understand how they can help take care of our world.

While this is no longer a requirement in the new Cub Scout adventure program, we should strive to live by the Scouting Outdoor Code which says,

As an American, I will do my best to –
Be clean in my outdoor manners.
Be careful with fire.
Be considerate in the outdoors.
Be conservation minded.

In addition, every rank has a service project requirement. Get some great project ideas by reading about what other kids have done.

Continue reading