Outdoor Cooking Ideas for Cub Scouts

camping cookbook grilling recipesIf you’re looking for some new outdoor cooking ideas, you’ll want to grab this awesome camping cookbook called Campfire Grilling Recipes.  It’s available through my Amazon affiliate linkAnd right now, it’s FREE!
Unfortunately, the book is no longer free, but it’s still a great deal!

I don’t know how long it will remain free, but it looks like the regular price is only 99 cents.  I downloaded and reviewed the book today, and it’s well worth 99 cents.

The great thing is that you don’t have to have a Kindle!  You can download a free Kindle reader app to read Kindle books on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

As I was looking at the yummy recipes, I kept thinking that many of them would take outdoor campfire cooking to the next level!

Two of my favorite recipes from the book are Flintstone Steak & Lemony Asparagus and Lime-Drizzled Fish Tacos.  They both sound so sophisticated compared to the burgers, hot dogs and hobo meals that you usually have on camping trips. Continue reading

Cub Scouts Attend A Sporting Event

Cub Scouts Attend a Sporting EventDoes your son love sports–playing or watching them?  There are opportunities to do both in the 2015 Cub Scout program!

Three ranks include attending a sporting event with your den or family.  The requirements are:

Tiger Adventure: Games Tigers Play 4 – Find out how being active is part of being healthy. While at a sporting event, ask a player or coach why he or she thinks it is important to be active.

Wolf Elective Adventures: Paws of Skill 6 – Visit a sporting event with your family or your den. Look for ways the team works together.  Share your visit with your den. Continue reading

Cub Scout Wood Project: Build a Wooden Chair

Cub Scout Wood Chair Project
Our local day camp does awesome Cub Scout woodworking building projects!  Each rank does a different project, so if a boy comes all five years that he is eligible, he will have constructed five unique wood items.

Here’s a list of the projects by rank:

  • Tigers – Birdhouse
  • Wolves – Tray
  • Bears – Table
  • Webelos 1s – Chest
  • Webelos 2s – Chair

Continue reading

Electronic Cub Scout Den Leader Guides

leader guide collageDid you know that the Cub Scout handbooks are now available electronically?  Well, there’s more great news!  The leader guides are also available in Kindle format.

You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. There are free Kindle reader apps available for your tablet, smartphone or computer!  Just click on over to Amazon to download them

The beautiful thing about having an electronic copy of your leader guide is that you can plan your Cub Scout den meetings from anywhere! Continue reading