Cub Scout Pet Care Belt Loop Activities

pet care belt loopIn honor of National Dog Day, I thought I would share some resources that your Cub Scouts can use to earn their Pet Care belt loop and pin.  Here are the requirements:

Pet Care Belt Loop – Complete these three requirements:

  1. Care for your pet for two weeks. Make a list of the tasks that you did to take care of your pet.
  2. Read a book, explore the Internet (with your parent’s or adult partner’s permission), or acquire a pamphlet about your pet. List three new interesting facts that you learned about your pet.
  3. Make a poster about your pet. Share your poster with your den, pack, or family.

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Cub Scout Buddy System Check

cub scout buddy systemKeeping our boys safe is the top priority of the Boy Scouts of America.  That’s why the Boy Scouts of America has developed the “Sweet Sixteen” of BSA safety procedures to help ensure that our boys are safe.    The Sweet Sixteen points apply to all Scouting activities–especially physical activities.  They are included in the 120 page Guide to Safe Scouting.

One of the most important points of the Sweet Sixteen is the buddy system.  When participating in an outdoor activity, boys should have a buddy.  They should know where that buddy is at all times, and they should never go anywhere without their buddyContinue reading

New Cub Scout Program 2015: Interview from Philmont

interview snapshot Earlier this summer, I attended a training session at Philmont called “Getting the 411 on the New Cub Scout Program.”  Together with 49 other Scouters, we learned the whys and the hows of the upcoming changes.

Hailing from Arkansas, our fearless leaders were Jamie Green and Anna Kunkel.  They took us through the evolution of the changes and previewed several of the new Cub Scout adventures. Continue reading

Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraising for Cub Scouts

NOTE: Before doing any fundraiser, you must get approval from your local council.
You must complete the Unit Money-Earning Application to request approval.

Mickman BrothersIs your pack looking for a new way to raise funds?  Do you need an easy fundraiser with good profit margins and a high potential for repeat business?  Then look no further than Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraising!

When Mickman Brothers contacted me about sponsoring a review of their program, I looked at the products they offer.  Boy, was I impressed!  They have four styles of balsam fir wreaths, three styles of mixed evergreen door sprays, three indoor evergreens, balsam fir garlands and accessories such as door hangers and LED lights. Continue reading