Bicycle Safety Printable Activities for Cub Scouts

Bicycle Safety PrintablesBikes and boys just go together, and as parents, we want our boys outside exercising as much as possible.  But it’s important that we and our Cub Scouts both know the bicycle safety rules for kids.

One of the Tiger electives in the new Cub Scout program, Rolling Tigers, is all about bicycle safety.

Tiger Elective Adventure – Rolling Tigers:
1.  With your den or adult partner, discuss two different types of bicycles and their uses.
2.  With your den or adult partner, try on safety gear you should use while riding your bike. Show how to wear a bicycle helmet properly.
3.  With your den or adult partner, learn and demonstrate safety tips to follow when riding your bicycle. Continue reading

Cub Scout Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Cub Scout Stocking StuffersBack in August, Michelle asked a question on the Cub Scout Ideas Facebook page.  She wanted ideas for good but inexpensive scout and camping themed Christmas gifts.

Michelle, what’s up with planning your Christmas gifts in August??  It’s mid-November, and I haven’t even thought about gifts!  :)

Our great group of Scouters on the page gave us some awesome suggestions!  Using many of their ideas, I’ve put together a gift guide for Cub Scouts.  Continue reading

How to Make the Best Pinewood Derby Car Ever

Pinewood Derby GuideI am super excited to tell you about a FREE guide that I’m giving away to everyone who subscribes to my email newsletter!  It’s a 12 page guide that will help you create an awesome Pinewood Derby car.  The guide covers topics such as:

  • Knowing the rules before you design your car
  • The parts of your car and how to prepare them for the fastest time possible
  • Drawing your design
  • Cutting out your design (your parents’ job, mostly!)
  • Adding weights
  • Painting and decorating your car
  • Installing the axles and wheels

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Cub Scout Popcorn Sale 2015

Cub Scout Popcorn
Our pack had an AWESOME Cub Scout popcorn sale this year!  Our total was $17,893 which was a 75% increase over last year’s total of $10,146!

Now, I know that the first thing I always ask when I hear popcorn numbers is, “How many boys are in your pack?”  We have 32 boys in our pack, but not all of them sold popcorn.

I wish I knew the secret of how we increased our sales so much this year, but frankly, I don’t.  But here are some things that I think contributed to the increase.  Continue reading

Pinewood Derby Award Ideas

pinewood derby award ideas

One of my readers, Jace, asked about ideas for Pinewood Derby awards.  I thought I would compile a quick resource list for you.  Some of these may have duplicate ideas, but hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you.

Pinewood Derby Cars has a very extensive list of 93 award categories!  My favorites from the list are:  Best TV Show or Movie Themed Car, Best Jungle Car, Most Likely To Be On Front Cover of Motor Trend and Least Wood Left On Car.

Agent Z offers another set of Pinewood Derby award ideas.


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