Cub Scout Citizenship Ideas

citizenship2September 17, 1787 is the day the United States Constitution was signed, so we celebrate Constitution and Citizenship Day on September 17th every year.

One of the purposes of Cub Scouts is to learn citizenship.  In fact, that’s one of the main reasons we’re involved in Scouting.  I want my boys to grow up to be good citizens, and I’m not sure they can learn that without being involved in a group.  Not only will they learn about citizenship, but they will also have the opportunity to practice it too. Continue reading

Interview with Philmont Staffer Patrick Lynch

Patrick LynchIf you’ve read the September-October 2014 issue of Scouting magazine, then you know a little about Patrick Lynch.  He was featured as one of the “Super Scouters” in the article, “Our Heroes.”

Not long after I announced that my boys and I were going to Philmont, I was contacted by Patrick, who is a Cub Scout Ideas reader.  He told me that he would be working at Philmont while we were there!  He was a group leader with the Philmont Training Center’s family program.  Continue reading

Encouraging Cub Scouts to Read

encouraging cub scouts to read
It’s no secret–boys score lower on reading tests than girls. They read much less than girls, and they are much more likely to identify themselves as “non-readers.”

As the mom of boys, I worry about this–especially with my youngest son.  It’s not that he can’t read, it’s just not an activity that he’ll choose to do on his own.  Continue reading

Rocket Academy: Cub Scout Recruiting Event

rocket academyHosting a fun community event is a great way to introduce Cub Scouting to new families. It’s a way for kids to have fun while parents get information in a more relaxed environment than a traditional round up.  Last year, my pack hosted a geocaching event.

This year, we decided to do a Rocket Academy.  BSA has a great outline for a Rocket Academy, but I had something else in mind.  I envisioned having different stations with rocket-related activities.  Here’s how we planned and executed our Rocket Academy. Continue reading

Cub Scout Pet Care Belt Loop Activities

pet care belt loopIn honor of National Dog Day, I thought I would share some resources that your Cub Scouts can use to earn their Pet Care belt loop and pin.  Here are the requirements:

Pet Care Belt Loop – Complete these three requirements:

  1. Care for your pet for two weeks. Make a list of the tasks that you did to take care of your pet.
  2. Read a book, explore the Internet (with your parent’s or adult partner’s permission), or acquire a pamphlet about your pet. List three new interesting facts that you learned about your pet.
  3. Make a poster about your pet. Share your poster with your den, pack, or family.

Continue reading