Bear Claws Adventure: 3 Types of Pocketknives

pocketknife designsOwning a pocketknife is almost a rite of passage for many boys and especially so for Cub Scouts.  Many of our boys can’t wait until they’re Bears so that they can earn their Whittling Chip which allows them to carry a pocketknife at pack campouts.  However, they must have permission of their parent and den leader as well as proper adult supervision.

In the new Cub Scout Adventures that are effective June 1, 2015, earning the Whittling Chip is part of the Bear Adventure, Bear Claws.  Another Bear Claws requirement is to learn about the three common designs of pocketknives.

Bear Adventure:  Bear Claws 1.  Learn about three common designs of pocketknives. Continue reading

Teaching Cub Scouts How to Build a Fire

how to build a fireMy Bear and I have been reading The Genius Files:  Mission Unstoppable, and one of the main characters talks about the science behind fire.  We learned that you have to have three things to have a fire:  heat, oxygen and fuel.  What a coincidence that I’m writing about fire today!

In the new Cub Scout program, Webelos are required to build a fire in one of their Adventures.

Webelos Adventure:  Cast Iron Chef 1:  At an approved time in an outdoor location and using tinder, kindling, and fuel wood, demonstrate how to build a fire; light the fire, unless prohibited by local fire restrictions.  After allowing the flames to burn safely, safely extinguish the flames with minimal impact to the fire site. Continue reading

Cub Scout Whittling Chip Requirements: Pocketknife Safety

pocketknife safetyOne of the things I love about Cub Scouts is that it teaches our boys life skills they need. One of these is how to safely use a pocketknife. According to BSA’s Age-Appropriate Guidelines, Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light scouts can use a pocketknife.

In the Cub Scout Adventure program (effective 6/1/2015), the Bear and Arrow of Light ranks require knowledge of knife safety.

Bear Adventure: Bear Claws 2: Learn knife safety and earn your Whittling Chip.

Arrow of Light Adventure: Scouting Adventure 6: Demonstrate your knowledge of the pocketknife safety rules and the pocketknife pledge. Earn your Whittling Chip card if you have not already done so. Continue reading

New Print Friendly Option Available

I’m excited to tell you about a new feature here on Cub Scout Ideas.  We are now print-friendly!  This means you now have options in how you print article from my site.  The new feature will allow you to save paper and ink.

Let’s say you don’t need all the images, you now have the option to delete them before you print.  Or maybe you don’t need all the paragraphs.  Keep just what you want! Continue reading