Cub Scouts Study Meteors

cub scout activities while watching for meteors

Photo by Trevor Bexon via Flickr.

According to the National Day Calendar, June 30th is National Meteor Watch Day.  It’s a day that “people turn their eyes to the heavens in hopes of spotting the glow of a falling star.”  It’s also a great day for your Cub Scouts to check off some requirements while they look for meteors.

Tigers can mark off one of the requirements for the elective adventure, Sky is the Limit, and Wolves, Bears and Webelos can complete a requirement for the Out of this World Nova award. Continue reading

Use Pack’s Summer Events for More Than Fun!

Cub Scout Pack Summer ActivitiesEvery summer, our pack earns the National Summertime Pack Award.  And our summer events do triple duty! 

In addition to qualifying us for the award, we open up the events to non-Scout families in the community as a “service” for our community.  However, we don’t count this as a community service project–more an opportunity for some positive publicity.

We also use the activities to recruit new Cub Scouts.  If a family is interested in Cub Scouting, we’ll talk to them about our pack. Continue reading

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Guide

Cub Scout Shooting Sports GuideYou may have read my earlier post about the Cub Scout Shooting Sports awards.  Now BSA has released the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Guide.

The guide gives you information about the purpose of the awards.  You’ll find “teaching tips” for each of the awards and materials you can use while you’re teaching.  For example, there is a BB gun sighting chart and a diagram showing the types of archery bows. Continue reading

Great American Campout

great american campoutWe’ve all heard about the benefits of being outdoors, and Great Outdoors Month, celebrated in June, is a perfect time to enjoy nature–especially during the Great American Campout!

One of the Great Outdoors Month events, the Great American Campout is “part of the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to inspire Americans to protect wildlife, including a three-year campaign to get 10 million kids to spend more time outdoors.Continue reading

Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award

National Summertime Pack Award

The National Summertime Pack Award is given to packs that conduct at least one activity in each of the summer months, June, July and August.  It is intended to encourage packs to have a year-round program.

The award has three components–pack, den and individual.  The application for the award is a bit unclear on how these three work.  This makes the award somewhat confusing.  I suspect that some packs who have actually earned the award aren’t applying for it because they think they didn’t meet the requirements. Continue reading

Children and Hiking: Fun Games

children and hiking:  fun games Hiking is a great opportunity to get outside with our boys.  Our pack has a hike every third Sunday.  We vary the location, length and difficulty so that everyone can participate.  We love to put the “outing” in Scouting by taking a long walk!

Sometimes if you tell an elementary school-aged boy that you’re going for a long walk, you might hear whining.  But tell them you’re going on an ABC hike or a scavenger hunt hike or a penny hike, and you just might pique their interest.

Having a themed hike can add an element of excitement.  Often, they can be done with few (if any) supplies.

I’ve compiled a list of different types of hikes that will spice up your long walk! Continue reading

Should Webelos Lead Their Own Den Meetings?

Webelos Lead MeetingMy son’s Webelos leader, Jason (an Eagle Scout), is doing an awesome job with the boys.  Recently, he instituted a process that I wasn’t too sure about, but it has proven to be a great idea!

I don’t usually get to sit in the Webelos den meetings.  All of our pack’s dens meet at the same place on the same day, so usually, I’m helping out other dens, talking to parents or taking care of other pack business.  Things slowed down a couple of months ago, so now I can attend.

At the end of the first meeting I attended, Jason told the boys to work with their den chief to decide what they wanted to do at the next meeting and to plan it out because they were going to run the meeting. Continue reading