Camping in the New Cub Scout Adventure Program 2015

In the new Cub Scout program, there seems to be more of an emphasis on camping. My friend, Scouter Adam, reviewed the camping requirements on his blog and compiled the list for us.  Another friend, Robert the Popcorn Guy, created this awesome Camping for Cubs chart using Adam’s information.  Both Adam and Robert said that I could share their information with the Cub Scout Ideas readers.

You’ll find that going on a pack camp out is a requirement to earn your rank badge for Wolf, Bear and Arrow of Light dens. The only exception is for those packs whose charter organization doesn’t allow pack camping. Continue reading

Revised Cub Scout Awards

outdoor activity award patchBecause of the upcoming new Cub Scout program updates, some of the awards that our Cub Scouts can earn also needed to be revised.  This is because some of the requirements for those awards were based on the old program, and they now need to reflect the new Cub Scout adventure program.  Continue reading

Down & Derby Movie Review

down and derby 2I’ve shared before that I love the Pinewood Derby! The excitement of the competition is infectious.  And the look on the boys’ faces when their cars cross that finish line is priceless.

Every boy’s Pinewood Derby car starts with a simple block of wood.  It’s amazing to see the designs the boys make out of that wood.  We’ve had King from the Cars movie, Steve from Minecraft, a Bat Mobile, Bullet Bill, an arrow and a leopard.  I have even built my own car too.  One was a Beyblade car when they were so popular with my boys.  The other was a “Travel Bug” car.  Travel Bugs are popular in geocachingContinue reading

New Cub Scout Program 2015: FAQs

Cub Adventure Program FAQs-page-001June 1st is quickly approaching, so I’m sure you’re all getting excited about the new Cub Scout adventure program.  I know I am!  There are so many fun activities for the boys to do.

But even if you’re excited, you may have questions and concerns.  That’s understandable.  Change can be scary.  To help address your concerns, the Boy Scouts of America has created a frequently asked questions document for the new Cub Scout program 2015.

In it you’ll find answers to most (if not all) for your worries.  Continue reading

Food Safety Practices for Outdoor Cooking

food safetyIn the new Cub Scout Adventure program, our Webelos will complete the Cast Iron Chef adventure.  This will help them learn how to cook outdoors which has some challenges that we don’t have when cooking indoors.

One of the challenges is how to keep your food safe when you don’t have the luxury of a refrigerator.  Our boys need to learn good food safety practices while cooking outdoors.

Webelos Adventure:  Cast Iron Chef 5.  Demonstrate an understanding of food safety practices while preparing the meal. Continue reading