Temporary Cub Scout Patch Placement

Cub Scout Patch PlacementCub Scout patch placement is always a big question for parents–especially those temporary badges.  How can boys earn them and where do they go?

There are many opportunities to earn temporary badges.  When our Cubs participate in activities such as the annual popcorn sale, the Memorial Day flag placement or the Scouting for Food drive, they get a new patch.  Scouting anniversary events and camporees have patches for the attendees.  The boys who go to Cub Scout Day Camp get a patch.  Often, an organization such as a minor league baseball team will host a Scout Night and will give patches to the boys who are there.

But what are the requirements for Cub Scout patch placement of temporary badges?  The BSA regulations say that you can only have one temporary patch on your uniform at a time.  It is to be worn on the right pocket of the uniform shirt. Continue reading

Cub Scout Denner Leadership Role

DennerA denner is a member of your Cub Scout den who is either elected or appointed to be an official “helper” for the den.  The position gives the boys an opportunity to serve in a leadership role.

Denners can be selected through a variety of methods, but you should to include the boys in the decision so that they have some ownership in the process.

The boys can vote (by secret ballot or show of hands) to select the denner.  Another option is give the boys a list of months, and have them fill out who will be the denner for each month.

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Cub Scout Patch Placement

Cub Scout Patch Placement - Sleeves

Cub Scout patch placement can be very confusing–especially for a new Cub Scout family.  In this article, we’ll cover the basic Cub Scout patches and badges so that you can get your son’s uniform ready for his first Cub Scout meeting!

If you aren’t a seamstress, consider using Badge Magic!  It’s an easy, no-sew, no-iron solution to sewing those Cub Scout badges. Continue reading

Cub Scout Games: Rattlesnake Game

Rattlesnake gameIf you need a fun, quick activity to do after a passive task, energize your boys with the Rattlesnake Game!

A milk carton or a paper bag is the rattlesnake.  Or if you left the milk carton at home like I did, look in your supply bin and grab something that’s about the same size to use.

Put your rattlesnake on the floor, and have the boys form a circle around it.  Each boy will grasp his neighbor’s hands. Continue reading

Outdoor Ethics Awards Discontinued for Cub Scouts

outdoor ethics awardsWhen I was at the Philmont Training Center a few weeks ago, one of our instructors told us that the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award and the Outdoor Ethics Action Award had been retired.

This wasn’t a secret, but I didn’t want to share with you until I had some documentation.  The news has now been shared on the Scouting Program Updates page.

Here is the statement regarding the retirement of these awards. Continue reading